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We have been in the automotive business for many years. This blog is proof of how much we love cars. We also love people and especially the people who help to fix up broken and left behind auto babies. We also love good quality service and helping people get seen.

If you have an auto repair shop, sell cars, build cars, or wash cars drop us an email to find out about advertising with us. We often have people asking where the best places are to get a car service or get parts. Many people want to add some individual style, so artists and body painters are also welcome to advertise. We welcome anyone in the business.

We want you to be seen and heard. To advertise with us, you need to send us the following:

• Full company details including name, registration, and field of expertise.
• A detailed description of your services.
• A motivation letter for why you want to advertise with us.
• A sample advertisement.

Once we are sure that you fall into our target market and that our readers will welcome you, we will contact you with terms and conditions.

The costs for advertising will depend on where on the blog you want your ad to be. We will give you options of space and you can decide which one you want.

We look forward to hearing from you. Until then, please visit our blog posts to see what we and our readers have been up to. We tend to get a bit out of hand now and then.